15 Ugly Canine Breeds – Love Your Canine

Canines of all sizes and shapes carry immeasurable and priceless love and pleasure to our lives. Our fur infants snuggle near our hearts and continuously preserve us smiling with their lovable antics. Whereas all canines are cute and lovable, some breeds are recognized extra for his or her look than others. Sure, there’s a lengthy listing of canine thought-about cute, however what about these on the opposite finish of the spectrum? We’re speaking about ugly canine. Ugly canine breeds are typically fairly extraordinary trying, with their distinctive look including to their general attraction.

Everyone knows that magnificence is within the eye of the beholder, however some canine breeds are extra recognized for his or her distinctive and weird look than others. Many instances, what one canine proprietor considers lovable, one other individual won’t discover cute in any respect. Loads of canine breeds are fairly uncommon trying, with large ears, wildly curly tails, smooshed faces, and odd-looking our bodies. Some canine are even well-known for being so “ugly.”

A cool look can add quantity to a canine’s attraction and character. There are specific canines recognized for being ugly. On this article, we get to know 15 of the ugliest canine breeds. Don’t let their lack of conventional attractiveness idiot you. A number of of those ugly canine are exceptionally lovable and remarkably standard, whereas others are extraordinarily uncommon and exhausting to search out.

Traits Of “Ugly” Canines

So, what makes a canine “ugly”? Effectively, just a few distinct traits make some pups stand out as notably unattractive. These embody droopy faces, bulging eyes, brief legs, oddly formed our bodies, underbites, overbites, odd posture, wrinkly pores and skin, lack of hair, and lengthy, shaggy hair. Moreover, a few of these breeds have been bred to have uncommon shapes or sizes, which may additionally make them seem lower than enticing. Nonetheless, some people have a choice for these unusual-looking canines.

Ugly Canine Breeds

Under we’ve got described among the breeds most also known as ugly. We now have listed these in alphabetical order. As a reminder, all canine deserve love, kindness, and the most effective care attainable, no matter whether or not or not they meet a particular definition of cute or ugly.


Some individuals describe Affenpinscher’s faces as extra simian (monkey) than canine.

Although not a Terrier, this little German canine is additionally known as a Monkey Terrier. These pups are tiny, solely 7 to 13 kilos, and about 12 inches tall when absolutely grown. They’ve wiry, rugged coats and grumpy expressions. These little guys are robust, energetic, and daring. Regardless of their feisty personalities, Affenpinschers make beautiful household pets and extremely efficient watchdogs. They continue to be tiny but fearless.

This breed originated in Germany and was lengthy used as ratters, making them acquainted in houses, farms, and retailers. Ultimately, the little pooch grew to become standard as a companion canine for high-class girls. At this time it is a comparatively uncommon pup to search out. The Affenpinscher can be fairly excessive upkeep. Their uncommon coat texture requires an additional degree of care, in addition to common brushing. They do effectively with youngsters however don’t wish to be overly stimulated or have tough dealing with.

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington terrier dog standing outside
Bedlington terrier canine are typically described as trying like lambs.

The Bedlington Terrier is an extremely unusual-looking canine. This pooch seems nearly extra alien than canine, with tufted, pear-shaped heads, curly coats, arched again, tasseled ears, and tiny eyes. They have been first bred in Bedlington, England, and are clever, energetic, agile little canines. They attain between 17 and 23 kilos, standing between 15 and seven 1/2 inches tall. This breed is comparatively long-lived, with an anticipated lifespan of 11 to 16 years.

This medium to excessive vitality degree canine wants loads of psychological and bodily stimulation. One bonus is that this breed doesn’t shed. Bedlington Terriers are quick runners, energetic, brave, and fairly cussed. These guys are additionally playful, fiercely loyal, and get alongside effectively with strangers and youngsters. They don’t do as effectively with different canines or small pets like cats.

Bergamasco Sheepdog

Bergamasco Sheepdog in snow
Bergamasco Sheepdogs stand out most notably for his or her distinctive, dreadlock-like coat.

The Bergamasco Sheepdog is one extremely unusual-looking pup. This matted look is regular for the breed and serves a particular objective. These mats present safety, assist regulate temperature, and defend their our bodies from chilly and moist temperatures. Three sorts of hair interweave to type dense, thick mats that can develop over the canine’s total lifespan. They get fairly important in physique dimension and may attain 55 to 85 kilos. These full-sized pups stand between 20 and 24 inches tall and reside between 13 and 15 years.

The breed has been traced again 7.000 years to the Center East. Traditionally the breed was developed for use by shepherds as guards and herders. They’re extremely clever and are recognized by just a few different names, together with the Bergamo Shepherd canine, Bergamese Shepherd, and Cane da Pastore Bergamasco. Regardless of making the listing of ugly breeds, these Shepherds are extremely affectionate and get alongside fantastically with youngsters, strangers, and different canines. Regardless of the spectacular look of their coats, caring for them shouldn’t be as massive of a problem as one would possibly assume.

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon laying on sofa
At this time these little fluff balls make a lot better companion animals than they do employees.

The Brussels Griffon is one other tiny but mighty breed. These little pups attain solely 8 to 10 kilos and stand 7 to 10 inches tall. They stick round for an extended whereas, with an anticipated lifespan of 12 to fifteen years. These canine could be traced again to Belgium, the place They labored as secure arms and ratters.

This pup makes the listing resulting from their distinctive expression and adorably ugly faces. These little pups sport a definite beard on a big spherical face with a distinguished domed brow. They’ve an undershot jaw, giving them a defiant, considerably grumpy look. This breed can both have a dense, wiry coat or a easy, silky coat. Their distinctive bearded faces and brief floppy ears give this pooch the looks of an older grownup in search of a combat.

Chinese language Crested

Close-up of a Chinese crested dog puppy looking at the camera, on gradient grey background
The Chinese language Crested has an extremely distinctive look.

The Chinese language Crested is a small canine breed with lengthy, flowing hair on its head and toes. The breed is usually known as the “ugliest canine” resulting from its uncommon look. Cresties are additionally recognized for his or her pleasant and outgoing character. That is a kind of bark infants that’s so ugly it’s typically cute.

They solely attain 8 to 12 kilos when absolutely grown and stand between 11 to 13 inches tall. These canines are hairless apart from dramatic tufts of hair on their paws and tail and a crest of hair on their heads. They resemble miniature punk rockers. One selection comes with hair known as the Powderpuff Crestie, which has lengthy silken hair.

Chinese language Crested even have very giant, wide-set pointy ears, almond-shaped eyes, slim noses, flat cheeks, and elongated heads. They will are available in a number of completely different coat colours and have completely different spots and patterns on their pores and skin. Regardless of topping many lists because the ugliest canine, this breed makes a beautiful pet. They’re thought-about Velcro or clingy canine, love their people, and demand to be the focal point on a regular basis. Cresties are fairly delicate and truly make glorious remedy canine.

English Bull Terrier

Dangerous English Bull Terrier
English Bull Terriers is usually a cussed and dominant breed.

Bull Terriers make this listing for his or her distinct egg-shaped heads. These bullies have a singular look: elongated faces, brief pointy ears, and tiny, piercing eyes. Bull Terriers can are available in miniature and customary sizes. The usual dimension is between 50 and 70 kilos, whereas the miniature will attain 25 to 35 kilos. Each have signature oval-shaped heads, creating a really distinctive facial profile. Bull Terriers look fairly completely different relying on the way you take a look at them. From a particular angle, the tops of their skulls are solely flat.

We are able to confidently say no different canine seems identical to the Bull Terrier. In truth, this pooch is known for its distinctive look and has been utilized in promoting by Bud Gentle beer and the Goal retailer chain mascot. Bull Terriers are fairly light and really affectionate. They get alongside very effectively with youngsters and make great household pets. Bull Terriers are recognized for being fairly mischievous, incomes themselves the nickname of sophistication clowns.

Épagneul Pont-Audemer

This uncommon French gun canine is a remarkably unique-looking pup, incomes its place on our listing. The breed developed within the nineteenth century from a number of strains of water spaniels. There has by no means been a big inhabitants of those guys. Even in the present day, these guys are uncommon and exhausting to search out. These medium-sized canine attain between 44 and 60 kilos when absolutely grown.

Although exceptionally gifted as retrievers, this canine has a really distinctive look. This pooch has been described as trying like it’s carrying a curly wig. These pups are muscular, robust, and deep-chested. They’ve rounder-shaped eyes and fairly lengthy ears, with curly hair on their heads and tails. Their faces stay easy with shorter straight hair. Most of this breed has an inquisitive, variety facial features, small sunken eyes, with low set lengthy ears.

Griffon Nivernais

Griffon Nivernais
The Griffon Nivernais makes the listing of ugly canine resulting from their scruffy look.

This medium-sized pup belongs to the hound household and reaches between 45 and 55 kilos when absolutely grown. Griffon Nivernais stand between 20 and 25 inches tall. They reside between 10- and 14 years. The Griffon Nivernais is understood to be affectionate with household and trusted individuals however turns into shy round strangers. This canine can be fairly cussed and could be fairly vocal. This canine additionally likes to bark and has exceptionally excessive vitality.

The Griffon Nivernais could be traced again to France within the 1200s. Scent hounds much like this have been searching companions used to guard property. At one level, the road was thought to have fully died out however made a resurgence within the early 1900s. This doggie is sort of unusual and barely discovered exterior of France.

These pups have shaggy coats, lengthy heads, dropped ears, and really bushy eyebrows. Resulting from their wiry coats, they’ve a really raveled, unkempt look.

Hairless Khala

Hairless Khalas are typically known as Peruvian Hairless Canines.

Additionally recognized by the title of Pila, this intriguing-looking canine could be traced to Latin America. They’re a small to medium-sized breed reaching 15 to 30 kilos and standing 14 to twenty inches tall when absolutely grown. This canine has an analogous look to the Chinese language Crested in that they’re hairless with a crest of fur atop their head. Giant, pointed ears and brief necks accompany this tuft of hair. Khala means “with out garments,” and these pups undoubtedly have that bare look.

Like many different hairless canines, the Hairless Khala has a singular shiny look. They will are available in a number of completely different colours and are reasonably straightforward to coach. They make horrible guardians however do wish to play and are very low concerning aggression. This pooch is sort of exhausting to search out exterior of Latin America.

Hairless Terrier

American Hairless Terrier
American Hairless Terriers are nice for allergy victims however have a singular look.

Hairless Terriers are literally a line of Rat Terriers. These hairless pups are a naturally occurring breed. The primary hairless pet was born to a normally-haired rat terrier litter in 1972 in Louisiana. From there, different hairless puppies have been born and bred collectively to create 4 litters of hairless offspring.

The American Hairless Terrier is among the few true hairless canines. These pups should be stored inside as a result of they haven’t any hair and may rapidly get very chilly. These guys are small however mighty, weighing 12 to 16 kilos and standing 12 to 16 inches tall. They’re comparatively long-lived, with an anticipated lifespan of 14 to 16 years. This breed is extremely affectionate with household and fairly interactive with younger youngsters. Additionally they do reasonably effectively with different canine.

This breed can have whiskers, eyebrows, and gentle, easy, heat pores and skin. They’ve broad, wedge-shaped heads with pointy V-shaped ears and smaller, extremely dramatic eyes.


Komondor Long Haired Dog
The Komondor makes the listing of ugly canine resulting from their very distinctive mop-like look.

The Komondor can be known as the Hungarian Sheepdog. They’re working and guardian canine that come from Hungary. These canine have been initially bred and used as herders and guard canine for flocks and livestock. They proceed to love to guard their human flock in the present day. These canine can attain one thing like 80 and 120 kilos, that means they don’t seem to be small. They’re, in fact, exceptionally agile and stuffed with vitality. They’ve barely rounded, lengthy ears, black noses, and almond-shaped ears.

They give the impression of being very like a big shifting mop head. This is because of a tasseled coat that appears like dreadlocks. It seems as if they can’t see something, and it could be exhausting to inform the entrance finish from the again finish when these shaggy pups get shifting. Komondors solely are available in white and are uncommon pups to search out. One won’t neglect assembly considered one of these funky-looking Fidos.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff
Neapolitan Mastiffs make our ugly breed listing resulting from their extremely wrinkled face.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a large canine that may attain between 110 and 150 kilos when absolutely grown. These behemoths stand 24 to 31 inches tall. Their heads are huge and actually dripping with folds of pores and skin. Regardless of their colossal dimension, and intriguing look, these gigantic canine are fairly light, even known as light giants. They hail from southern Italy, however Mastiff-type canine have been round for an extremely very long time. Some mastiffs have even been traced to historical Tibet, the place they have been guardians of sacred temples.

This big breed can be known as the Neo or Mastino. They’re fairly docile and in addition fairly clumsy, so these pups won’t do effectively in small areas. They’re additionally fairly heavy droolers because of the extreme wrinkles on their faces. These behemoths can are available in strong grey, mahogany, black, tawny, or tan brindle. Anybody could make a beautiful household canine, however resulting from their giant dimension ought to at all times be supervised when with youngsters. They’re finest in houses with older youngsters and will do effectively with different animals, although they don’t get alongside effectively with these that don’t reside in the identical home.


Puli dog outside
These pups are available in black, rusty black, grey, and white, whereas a Komondor comes solely in white.

The Puli usually will get mistaken for the Komondor and has an analogous look. Each come from Hungary and are sheepdogs. A Puli is barely smaller, between 25 and 35 kilos. They’ve corded, curly coats, which appear like dreadlocks. Their coats really feel considerably like wool. The way in which their tails curl up, typically it may be exhausting to inform if these guys are coming or going. These pups nearly appear like puppets or Muppets.

Pulis are herders, very sensible, and extremely manipulative. They make nice household pets however are fiercely loyal and may attempt to herd their individuals to maintain them secure. This could typically trigger some drawback habits like nipping and barking. If you’re within the temper for a funky-looking, wooly-haired, shaggy flop prime, this pup is likely to be for you.


Chinese Shar pei puppy portrait at garden
Shar-Peis are fairly compact, with a great deal of free, wrinkled pores and skin that covers their heads, necks, and shoulders.

This canine breed is usually described as trying like a hippopotamus. Shar-Peis are medium dimension to giant canine weighing round 45 and 60 kilos. They’re stocky and sq., with heads that appear bigger than they need to be. This breed is roofed with wrinkly folds of pores and skin throughout their total physique and can be recognized for having a singular bluish-black tongue.

They’ve broad muzzles and tiny triangular-shaped ears. These pups usually appear like they’re scowling or grumpy because of the free pores and skin that hangs over their face. Regardless of a dark expression, Shar Peis are low-energy, mellow canine who’re moderately agreeable to people. They don’t get alongside effectively with different canine, can change into aggressive, and have a cussed streak. This breed shouldn’t be flat-faced however thought-about brachycephalic, that means they should be effectively supervised when exercising. The folds of pores and skin and shorter noses could cause respiration issues in the event that they exert themselves an excessive amount of.


Three dogs of Xoloitzcuintli breed, mexican hairless dogs of black color of standart size, standing outdoors on ground with green grass and trees on background on summer day
Xoloitzcuintli canine are fairly costly and have very excessive vitality ranges.

Additionally known as the Mexican Hairless, the Xoloitzcuintli is available in two varieties coated and hairless. Every selection is available in three sizes: toy miniature and customary. Toys will weigh between 10 and 15 kilos, the miniature is between 15 and 30 kilos, and the usual can attain between 30 and 55. It’s believed that these canine descended from historical Aztec and Mayan animals. The breed is known as after Xolo, the Aztec god of fireplace.

The hairless selection, which additionally has a extra uncommon look, is extra widespread than the coated selection. Hairless have easy, thick pores and skin with some brief hair that grows on the tops of their heads, toes, and tails. This pooch is available in varied colours, together with black, grey, slate, brindle, bronze, fawn, and crimson, and could be strong or noticed.

These pups are fairly easy, with broad heads and almond-shaped eyes. They’ve very distinguished, pointy ears and really supple pores and skin. The Xolo usually seems to be deep thinkers resulting from wrinkles on their brow, giving them an inquisitive, introspective look.

Honorable Point out

The ugly canine listing above mentions all purebreds, however among the most distinctive-looking pups are combined breeds. This one, specifically, instructions consideration and an honorable point out.

French Bulldog Crested Chinese language Combine

Small Gray Hairless Dog with Round Eyes and Flat Face
These pups would be the focal point at any time when they enter a room.

The French Bulldog Crested Chinese language combine, additionally known as a Chinese language Crested Frenchie, is one exceptional-looking canine. Image a hairless Frenchie with a tuft of hair, a snub nostril, large spherical eyes, an extended tufted tail, spiky ears, and a considerably smooshed-in face. As a result of it is a combined pup, there’s at all times a little bit of unpredictability surrounding their dimension and look.

A Chinese language Crested Frenchie is a extra petite pooch, weighing simply 10 to 12 kilos. They will reside 10 to 14 years or extra. Most are playful, energetic, and affectionate however cautious of strangers and fast to let you already know when one thing unusual or new is afoot.

Why Do Individuals Preserve Ugly Canines?

Regardless of their uncommon look, many individuals nonetheless select to maintain these distinctly different-looking canine as pets. So, why do individuals preserve them? One of many most important causes is that these breeds are sometimes extremely loyal and loving companions. Some individuals preserve these pups as a result of they’re distinctive and particular. Whereas these doggies might not be thought-about cute or stunning within the conventional sense, they usually have distinctive attraction and wonder.

Whereas these “ugly” canine breeds could make nice companions, it’s important to pay attention to any potential well being considerations. Many of those canines are vulnerable to particular well being issues, akin to respiration, joint, and eye circumstances. A few of these breeds are additionally recognized for his or her delicate pores and skin, particularly hairless, which suggests they should be stored well-groomed and protected against the solar.

Ultimate Ideas

Canines are, with out query, cute and lovable, no matter breed. Whereas some breeds and mixes might not be historically enticing or hit everybody’s definition of cute, they’re all incredible animals. Some individuals love ugly pups a lot that they maintain contests yearly. An important factor to recollect is that there’s a lot extra to a canine than what they appear like. All of the breeds we talked about are great, wonderful creatures we’d love the privilege of elevating. If we missed a pup you discover notably unattractive, drop us a line within the feedback part under.

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