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The Affenpinscher makes up for his diminutive stature along with his excessive vanity. Exuding confidence and enthusiasm, the French check with Affenpinschers as “diablotin mustache,” which means mustached little devils. Affenpinschers make assured and entertaining companions in lots of circumstances.

Bred to remove steady rats like a terrier, Affenpinschers take no matter job they’re given severely. With a mixture of grit and appeal, they’re loyal companions. Given their historical past as vermin killers, they typically get alongside effectively with different canines however could maintain a grudge in opposition to small furries like hamsters and guinea pigs.

The Affenpinscher’s expressive face is certainly one of his most valuable property, however he’s an important family pet for a lot of causes. The Affen’s coat hardly sheds, and his wiry fur tends to set off allergic reactions lower than most. Low upkeep and plenty of character mix on this one pleased bundle.


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Breed Historical past

Joyful and charming, the Affenpinscher packs an enormous canine angle in a small bundle.

The Affenpinscher originated in Germany, and canines of this kind have been used to remove rats for the reason that early 1600s. A breeder in Lubeck, Germany, started to create the smaller Affenpinscher kind as mousers inside the home. Initially barely bigger than the present breed and easily known as Ratters, these early canines had free run of the world the place they lived and slept within the stables. Early Ratters included Schnauzer-type canines and have been being crossed in with Pugs, German Shorthaired Pinschers, and a German breed of Silky Pinschers to supply many present German breeds.

An English e-book on the Brussels Griffon means that as early because the fifteenth century, a breed of small tough, coated canines have been used as Ratters and have been the forerunners of the trendy Affenpinscher. By the early to mid-1700s, the Affenpinscher kind grew to become mounted. From this level, the canines have modified little or no in type. These Affen-type canines seem in lots of artworks from masters of the interval.

Lovers of the Affenpinscher started to collect in golf equipment in France and Germany within the late 1800s. In 1936, the American Kennel Membership acknowledged the Affenpinscher in its registry. They moved from the steady to the present ring, and right now, the Affen excels at many sporting canine occasions like agility, they usually additionally excel in obedience and as remedy canines.


This breed’s braveness and massive character want supervision lest he provokes the ire of a a lot bigger canine, however his daring angle makes him a pleasant companion. He needs to please and takes himself severely, so he’s usually obedient and trainable.

Affenpinschers adapt readily to altering circumstances and environments, making good canine journey companions attributable to this flexibility. Affenpinschers are alert and protecting of their households. As brave as he’s, he might be simply as light. His thought course of is uncannily intelligent. The Affenpinscher appears unaware of his small measurement, which may put him vulnerable to harm when his angle places him in a state of affairs he doesn’t have the dimensions to deal with.

Dimension & Look

Little black affenpinscher in the park with a person kneeling next to them
His sturdy construct offers him stamina and agility.

The Affenpinscher weighs between 7 and 10 kilos. Regardless of the Affen’s small measurement, he exudes an air of self-importance and self-confidence. Though small, he isn’t delicate. He strikes with objective and aplomb, and his stride has good attain and effectivity.

His AKC breed normal describes his physique as thickset, compact with good steadiness, and well-boned. Characterised by his monkey-like face, the Affen sports activities spherical, darkish, good eyes topped by ears which may be cropped and stand upright or cling naturally, standing erect, semi-erect, or dropped. Moreover, his spherical cranium has a brief muzzle with an undershot jaw (a stage chunk is appropriate so long as his monkey-like expression is maintained).

Coat & Colours

Cute small red Affenpinscher dog breed on a leas
Crimson coats could vary from mahogany to clay crimson.

Affens’ coats are useful to maintain. They require little grooming to remain neat, and his dense, harsh coat is longer on his head than most of his physique. His eyebrows and beard stand off from the pinnacle and full his monkey-like expression. The mature Affenpinscher has a mane of robust hair operating again to the bottom of the neck on the high of the shoulder.

Affenpinschers’ coats could also be black, gray, silver, crimson, black and tan, or belge, a darkish crimson to sable colour of each the Affen and the Brussels Griffon. Crimson is recessive to black, so the black and tan issue with a further expression of the crimson gene produces this darker-reddish tipped-in-black shade generally known as belge. A black Affen could have some rusty hairs or perhaps a few silver or white intermixed. Some could have black masks.

Dwelling Circumstances

Affenpinschers are uniquely suited to a touring way of life, and so long as their train wants are met, they may make glorious RVing companions. The breed is mostly quiet, however their loyalty to their household makes them fearless in direction of any risk. In case you plan on your Affen to journey with you, spend time socializing him as a pet to new faces and areas.


Affenpinscher exhibiting at a dog show in New York
Affenpinschers are desirous to please, however they have a tendency to suppose independently.

You’ll must preserve them entertained throughout coaching periods as a result of they dislike the boredom of repetition. Affens profit from studying the fundamental obedience instructions come, sit, down, and keep. As soon as they’ve discovered these fundamentals, they’re able to deal with different challenges like agility, obedience, or lure coursing.

Well being

Affenpinschers have comparatively few well being issues in comparison with different toy breeds. They endure from a couple of points, reminiscent of luxating patellas, hip dysplasia, Legg-Calve-Perthes, and eye ailments. Happily, Affenpinschers are free from genetically linked issues.


Cataracts have a tendency to seem with age, and Affenpinschers are liable to growing them. Surgical procedure is an choice for this illness that causes its signature cloudy look of the attention, however many older canines regulate to blindness so long as their proprietor makes lodging within the dwelling.


Affenpinschers are extra seemingly than many different breeds to develop distichiasis, a situation the place additional hairs develop contained in the eyelid. These hairs rub the attention and should trigger corneal ulcers and power eye ache. Therapy choices can be found and customarily resolve the difficulty as soon as the hairs are eliminated.


One other eye drawback to which Affenpinschers are inclined is glaucoma. Glaucoma causes fluid to create stress when it can not drain correctly from the attention. If left untreated, the elevated intraocular stress results in blindness. Glaucoma is painful, and signs embody tearing, squinting, corneal opacity (the clear entrance a part of the attention turns into cloudy), and redness within the whites of the eyes. As glaucoma advances, the attention itself could appear like it’s swollen or bulging. If you take your new pup to the vet, focus on annual eye screenings to assist shield his imaginative and prescient.

Joint Displaysia

Affenpinschers are one of many many breeds which may endure from hip dysplasia. Feeding your pet for regular however slower development could assist keep away from this painful situation. Any potential breeding canine ought to have an Orthopedic Basis for Animals (OFA) or PennHIP Analysis, and patrons ought to search puppies from mother and father with good analysis outcomes.


Affenpinschers are liable to Legg-Calve-Perthes illness. This devastating illness usually impacts small canine breeds of their first yr of life. Legg-Calve-Perthes causes the ball on the high of the femur to lose its blood provide, breaking down contained in the hip joint. Surgical procedure to take away the ball of the femur can save the animal, however full hip alternative could show needed.

Luxating Patellas

In case your canine is limping, he could also be experiencing a dislocated kneecap or patellar luxation. Patellar luxation is often a genetic situation affecting small breeds. Your canine could maintain up a hind for a couple of steps as he runs however then swap again to utilizing it usually. This situation can result in stiffness and arthritis later in life, and therapy varies with the severity of the illness. Whereas gentle instances of patellar luxation could also be handled with NSAIDs to alleviate discomfort, extreme instances usually require surgical intervention.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

In case your canine seems to be shedding eyesight and has no seen cataracts, he could have Progressive Retinal Atrophy. PRA is especially troubling as a result of it’s asymptomatic till his lack of sight is critical. Your buddy could also be unwilling to enter a darkish room or stumble upon issues in a brand new surroundings, and his retinas could seem shinier than common. In case you discover your canine appearing like he can not see effectively, make an appointment to display him. Sadly, there may be at present no treatment for PRA, however you’ll be able to modify his surroundings to make issues simpler for him.


When your Affenpinscher pup first comes dwelling, feed a few half-ounce of high quality pet meals for every pound of physique weight, damaged into three meals per day till he’s six months previous. Your Affen pup will probably be tiny, so be sure the kibbles are sufficiently small for his pet tooth to chew successfully. Feed for gradual however regular development in his first yr to reduce the chance of hip dysplasia.

As he grows, graduate him to an grownup pet food balanced for toy breeds and feed him twice every day. Affenpinschers are energetic however can placed on extra weight. Extra weight makes it more durable for them to breathe, particularly in sizzling climate. In case your canine begins to achieve excessively, swap to a weight management meals so his consumption is similar in quantity however decrease in energy. Be certain he workout routines every day, however watch out about rising the depth if he reveals any in poor health results.


Black Affenpinscher looking up standing in snow with snow on snout
Their hair sheds very calmly, however all yr lengthy, together with within the Winter.

Wiry-coated Affenpinschers keep tidy with weekly grooming, first with a brush and, later, with a metallic comb. Maintaining them brushed out helps decrease their allergenicity for individuals hoping to cut back dander within the dwelling. Any mats ought to be eliminated by hand and gently labored from the coat. As a result of his coat grows slowly, he solely must be trimmed or stripped each few months.

A part of the Affenpinscher’s appeal is his humorous face. His hair is brushed ahead over his face. An inverted V is reduce to reveal his eyes. The hair on the bridge of his nostril can be trimmed to maintain his eyes clear. Affens don’t shed like some canines however require their coat to be stripped periodically to remain neat. Though any devoted Affen proprietor can study to strip his coat accurately, the job is mostly delegated to knowledgeable groomer.

Breeders & Pet Prices

 little puppy pinscher in the palm of a person's hand
This toy terrier is extra energetic than most and can be fearless and charming with a little bit of sass.

Affenpinscher pups price between $800 and $2,000. So you’ll be able to anticipate to pay that for a wholesome pet. Be certain the breeder you select stands behind the well being of their canines and the mother or father pups have Orthopedic Basis for Animals (OFA) certification.

Rescues & Shelters

Stray red Affenpinscher looking out a window
Affens or Affen crosses could also be ready for a perpetually dwelling at a shelter close to you.

Though Affenpinschers are on the uncommon aspect, they’re not for everybody. Adopting your Affenpinscher will probably be cheaper than shopping for from a breeder. Begin your search at

Enable your new greatest buddy time to regulate to his new family, and guarantee his profitable transition to your property by remembering that Affens must belief their individuals, and belief takes time. Affens deal with change higher than many breeds, however any pup should study his manner in new environment.

As Household Pets

In Basic, This Breed Is:

  • A canine with braveness past his measurement.
  • Identified for his monkey-like facial expressions.
  • Loyal and devoted.
  • Adaptible to vary.
  • Keen to problem canines bigger than himself, so ought to be monitored of their presence.
  • Desirous to please, however on his personal phrases.
  • A wonderful journey companion.

Remaining Ideas

The Affenpinscher’s humorous, high-energy lifestyle makes him a pleasant companion. He is an ideal mix of bravery and affection and can cuddle beside you in a single second and fiercely stand as much as shield you within the subsequent. Dedicated to household however aloof with strangers, the Affen suits nearly anybody’s way of life and might hit the open highway with you as you journey.

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