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The Schipperke is a tiny canine with an enormous coat and an excellent larger persona. They appear much like Pomeranians, however they aren’t associated. So, if you’re on the lookout for a canine virtually similar to the Pom however rarer, this might be the breed for you. They’re almost at all times black, with a closely layered and pure coat, however their cunning face and cheeky smile is normally the trait that folks fall in love with.

Schipperkes have a number of quirks that soon-to-be house owners want to pay attention to. They’ve a protecting persona with a heavy streak of stubbornness, which suggests they want correct and constant coaching. With out an skilled proprietor, they will turn into unruly canine. In addition they have a particularly excessive prey drive you need to pay attention to. The sight of a squirrel can flip them right into a rocket.

However Schips even have many endearing qualities that make them glorious household additions. They’re vibrant, enjoyable, sprightly, loyal, and affectionate. They’re additionally much less needy and demanding of your time and a focus than different small canine, which appeals to many house owners. So, let’s take a better take a look at the Schipperke.


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Historical past

They’re generally referred to as the Dutch Canine as a result of they originated in Flanders, a Dutch-speaking space in Belgium.

People normally pronounce Schipperke as “skip-er-kee,” however the right pronunciation is “sheep-er-ker.” Schipperkes originate from late medieval Belgium, and their title interprets to “little captain.”

Though they seem like Spitz descendants, they’re associated to a black sheepdog referred to as a Leauvenaar. The identical basis breed for the Belgian Sheepdog, also referred to as the Groenendael. The Sheepdog was created to be a herding breed, and the smaller Schipperke was developed to be a small watchdog. They had been generally used to look at over the ships, barges, and metropolis outlets across the canals of their birthplace and surrounding nations. They had been additionally appointed rat catchers and did an important job at this.

The Schip is credited with having one of many first “specialty reveals” in 1690. Shoemakers showcased their brass collars on their Schipperkes within the Grand Place of Brussels. Though Schipperkes had been widespread among the many working class, their recognition didn’t kick off till a lot later. Queen Marie Henriette set eyes on a Schipperke in a canine present in 1885 and fell in love with the breed, rising their recognition tenfold.

The Schipperke was finally imported into America in 1888, and the Schipperke Membership of America was fashioned in 1929. As we speak the Schipperke remains to be a comparatively uncommon canine breed, rating between a hundred and tenth and a hundred and twentieth place out of 280+ breeds registered with the American Kennel Membership (AKC.) ​


The Schipperke was constructed to be a watchdog, and these persona traits are simply noticed within the household residence. They’re curious and at all times alert, making them good watchdogs. That is nice if you’re on the lookout for a bit of four-legged alarm system, however not so nice in the event you aren’t a fan of loud canine. Schips are additionally very assured and fearless, joyful to place themselves on the road to guard their household and property. Schipperkes are territorial in the direction of different individuals and canine.

Schipperkes are exceptionally loyal and dote on their household. As soon as they’ve exercised sufficient and ensured their household and residential are secure, they’re very happy to chill out on the couch with you. They’re cuddly when within the temper for it, however sometimes they like to sit back on their very own. Make certain to not smother the unbiased Schipperke in the event that they want time to themselves. They are often cat-like on this means.

That is a bit of canine with an enormous persona. In addition they retain their puppylike qualities till they’re 4 or 5 years outdated. Schips are gradual to mature, which makes them intense canine to have. And a bit of naughty too, however by no means uninteresting. Nonetheless, in the event you’ve obtained the time and power to maintain up with a pet, they make a enjoyable household pet, offering hours of leisure.

Schips have an exceptionally excessive prey drive. They chase something that strikes, particularly if it resembles a rodent. Their looking model is sort of a cat, stealthy and fast. That is one thing to keep in mind when out in public. You shouldn’t let these guys off-leash in an uncontained space as a result of they won’t come again in the event that they spot one thing.

Measurement & Look

Schipperke standing in the grass
Regardless of their small measurement, they’re hardy and hard canine with highly effective jaws, necks, and frames.

Schipperkes are small, sq. canine that solely weigh between 10 and 16 kilos, they usually hardly ever exceed 13 inches in peak, from paw to shoulder. Their small measurement and total look are why they’re usually mistaken for black Pomeranians.

Schipperkes have slender muzzles and small, triangular-shaped ears that stand to consideration when alert, giving them a cunning face. They at all times look mischievous even when they aren’t. Schipperkes are naturally tailless, with no form there in any respect. If you wish to present your Schip within the present ring, they need to adjust to the principles within the Schipperke breed commonplace. These guidelines should not too necessary if you’re on the lookout for a household pet.

Coat & Colours

The Schipperke coat is certainly one of their most distinctive traits. It’s profuse across the neck, shoulders, and legs, giving them a silhouette that slopes from the shoulders to the croup. Making them seem a lot larger than they’re. The outer coat is straight and barely harsh to the contact, whereas the undercoat is gentle and dense, offering insulation.

The hair across the neck and ears known as the ruff, and there’s a further layer past the cape. The hair extending past the ruff and down the chest known as the jabot, and the coat across the rear of the thighs varieties culottes. Across the face, ears, entrance of the forelegs, and the hocks, the hair is way shorter. The totally different layering and hair lengths are necessary within the present ring and must be pure relatively than trimmed.

Schips ought to at all times have a black coat, and no different coloration is allowed within the present ring. Except they’re seven and above, a bit of graying or white is permitted. Nonetheless, totally different colours embrace apricot, blue, chocolate, cream, fawn, grey, pink, white, and black and tan. These colours are uncommon, and breeders normally cost extra for them. Nonetheless, it’s very important that you just ask for proof of your pup’s Schipperke lineage.

Train & Residing Situations

Overweight Schipperke running in grass
These energetic and playful canine want extra train than you would possibly suppose to keep away from changing into chubby.

Regardless of their toy measurement, they’re something however. They’re curious and hardworking, which means they want enough every day train to maintain them bodily and mentally wholesome. They want round 30 to 40 minutes of exercise exterior the house, with playtime classes in between. Squeaky toys are at all times an enormous hit with the pushed Schip.

The Schipperke is an adaptable little canine who can reside in any sort of residence, from small flats to giant estates. Nonetheless, they admire a yard they will play in and burn off extra power. Simply guarantee that your yard is safe as a result of they chase the whole lot that comes into their area. You could be certain if they will get out, they’ll.

Schipperkes can reside with different animals if they’re correctly socialized and launched to them as puppies. This pup is very territorial, and they won’t welcome a brand new animal into the household later. They will reside with kids, however the kiddos should be dog-savvy and know when to present the Schipperke area. Plus, they need to perceive that this tiny pooch isn’t a toy as a result of regardless of being powerful, small Schips are susceptible to damage nonetheless.


Schipperke Training outdoor obstacle course
Schipperkes are naturally unbiased and generally cussed.

However fortunately, they’re additionally wanting to please, which makes coaching a bit of simpler. It’s important to find what motivates them and use this to coach them with constructive rewards. Unfavorable correction doesn’t work properly with this pooch.

Make coaching enjoyable to maintain your Schip’s consideration. As a result of they’re enjoyable and mischievous, you’ll be able to anticipate them so as to add a twist to your coaching classes, however go along with it. Begin coaching as early as attainable, be constant, and don’t allow them to overrule you. Though trainable, they are often difficult, in order that they want skilled canine house owners.

Early socialization is significant for Schipperkes as a result of they will turn into unruly and obnoxious in the event that they aren’t. Expose them to as many strangers, animals, sights, and sounds as attainable to extend their confidence. Repeatedly mixing with canine on the native doggy park is a good way to maintain their manners in test.

Instructing your Schip the quiet command is a vital coaching instrument as a result of they will turn into nuisance barkers if left to their very own gadgets. You’ll by no means cease a Schip from barking, however you’ll be able to direct them to cease after a bark or two. Crate coaching your pooch can also be nice as a result of it provides them a secure and quiet area to retreat after they want time away from busy household life.

Well being

Schipperke sitting on a black chair outside
Like different canine breeds, they’re predisposed to sure well being situations inherited from their dad and mom.

The Schipperke is a comparatively wholesome pooch who sometimes lives as much as 16 years, making them a long-living breed. Though you can’t predict what they could endure from, listed below are the commonest well being issues related to this breed.

Eye Situations

There are a number of eye situations to pay attention to, together with cataracts, distichiasis, the place the eyelashes develop inwards, and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). Distichiasis is extra frequent within the Schip breed than in different breeds. However as soon as the irregular hairs have been eliminated, it shouldn’t trigger additional points.

Mucopolysaccharidosis Kind IIIB

That is also referred to as Sanfilippo syndrome, a deadly illness that forestalls the physique from breaking down particular molecules. The signs normally happen between two and 4 years outdated and embrace problem strolling, balancing, and tremors. Though no remedy exists, a DNA check can determine the inheritable gene. Accountable house owners won’t breed canine who carry this gene.

Patella Luxation

Patella luxation is a standard downside in small canine. It happens when the knee (patella) doesn’t type and line up appropriately, permitting it to slip misplaced. This abnormality may cause ache, mobility points, and lameness. Though it’s current from start, it won’t slip till a lot later.

Thyroid Issues

Autoimmune thyroiditis is the commonest reason behind major hypothyroidism in doggos, and signs normally seem between two and 5 years of age. It happens when the thyroid gland produces abnormally low ranges of hormones. Signs embrace psychological dullness, weight problems, infertility, drooping of the eyelids, dry and brittle fur, and lethargy. With a analysis, you’ll be able to handle it with every day treatment.


Schipperke eating off a plate
Be certain that the meals is acceptable to their age, particularly throughout their developmental stage.

The Schipperke is a small canine that doesn’t want a lot meals to maintain them all through the day. How a lot you feed them will depend on varied elements, together with age, measurement, intercourse, exercise ranges, and what you feed them. Schips do properly on high-quality diets, whether or not kibble or recent choices like Ollie.

Schipperkes hardly ever turn into chubby because of their power ranges and common concentrate on toys over treats. Nonetheless, weight acquire and weight problems are signs of thyroid ailments, so it’s important to take a look at any weight acquire along with your vet. Comply with the feeding directions on the meals packaging to keep away from overfeeding your pooch.


The Schipperke has a comparatively easy grooming regime that solely requires twice weekly brushing to take away useless hair and stimulate the pores and skin to maintain it wholesome. They shed reasonably all year long and a bit of heavier throughout the shedding season. Though they aren’t heavy shedders, it’s essential to anticipate a little bit of hair across the residence. A slicker brush is a wonderful instrument for the Schipperke’s coat.

Schips are very clear canine with little or no odor. They’re cat-like and fastidious in protecting themselves clear, they usually solely want bathing as and after they get soiled or pungent. Goal for a number of occasions a 12 months. Dental hygiene is crucial for Schipperkes due to their small mouth and elevated publicity to periodontal ailments. Brush their tooth a number of occasions every week at least.

Breeders & Pet Prices

Schipperke puppy teething on a rope toy

In search of a Schipperke pet is a vital course of you shouldn’t rush. It’s important to work with a accountable breeder who screens their canine and does the whole lot they will to provide wholesome litters. Analysis for breeders with expertise and unbiased evaluations. At all times meet the puppies and a minimum of one mother or father in particular person earlier than committing. A fantastic place to start out your Schipperke search is with the AKC’s checklist of Schipperke breeders.

The typical price of a Schipperke pet falls between $800 and $1,000. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to anticipate to pay extra for a pet from an award-winning breeder or a rare-colored pup. Simply bear in mind to take a look at their lineage and well being certificates with the breeder. Irresponsible breeders combine breeds to create fascinating colours and promote them as purebreds. Keep in mind the opposite prices concerned in shopping for a pet, equivalent to shopping for all of the gear and escape-proofing your yard.

Rescue & Shelters

The Schipperke is a uncommon breed in America, so they’re even rarer in native rescue facilities. Many pet contracts stipulate that the canine are surrendered to the breeder relatively than despatched to shelters. However it received’t harm to go to your native shelters and communicate to the workers who would possibly have the ability that will help you along with your Schipperke search.

Alternatively, there are breed-dedicated organizations that rehome Schipperkes. Converse to the contacts listed and categorical your curiosity. It’s normally cheaper to rehome a canine in want relatively than purchase a pet from a breeder. As an alternative of 1000’s of {dollars}, it’s more likely to be a number of hundred {dollars} as a substitute.

As A Household Pet

  • The Schipperke is a uncommon and small canine.
  • They’re hardy, sturdy, and hardworking.
  • Schips want 30 to 60 minutes of train every day.
  • This breed is energetic and playful, they usually want common interactive playtime.
  • The Schipperke is a wonderful watchdog with a loud and constant bark.
  • They’re territorial and aloof with strangers and different animals.
  • Schips are an important stability of loving and affectionate and unbiased and never too needy.
  • Schips have a comparatively easy grooming regime regardless of their thick coat.
  • Schipperkes make nice household pets and reside properly with dog-savvy kids.
  • They’re adaptable however want a safe residence and yard that they can’t escape.
  • Schips have a particularly excessive prey drive.

Remaining Ideas

The Schipperke is a splendidly uncommon however tiny pooch that adores their household and would defend them with their life if wanted. Fortunately their loud bark is sufficient to scare anybody or something away. They’ve larger-than-life personalities and are extremely playful. They want a comparatively lively household that matches their wants and presents constant coaching to maintain their manners in test. Total, Schips make pretty household additions.

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