I require a pup to become my Movement Solution Pet Dog

That Am I

My name is Phil Wilhelm and also my solution pet dog, Tess, died last August. There has actually been a considerable and also damaging modification in the high quality of my life ever since. My objective is to increase and also educate a gold retriever young puppy as my brand-new Movement Solution Pet.

My Discomfort

My tale is just one of discomfort, a great deal of discomfort. Not the “take 2 pain killers” sort of discomfort yet instead the constant, incapacitating sort of discomfort. The 8, 9, & 10 out of 10 discomfort. Discomfort that has actually brought me to splits lots of, lot of times, to scream, to shout, and also to sob out loud for assistance. The sort of discomfort just a person that has actually experienced it can recognize.

Exactly How it Began

In 2005 I was a computer system technology mounting and also fixing business systems. It was that year that I offered to operate in New Orleans, and also East along the Gulf, after Typhoon Katrina struck. I recovered insurance provider workplaces and also a number of Residence Depot shops. Insurance coverage workplaces so individuals might submit cases. Residence Depots so individuals might obtain the products they required. I helped 10 days directly. Lots of were eighteen-hour days. It was after that I began seeing that my neck and back pain was greater than one would certainly really feel also after doing the job I did. That was the start, and also time after time the discomfort would certainly worsen. And also time after time I would certainly try to find a medical professional to aid me. I lastly satisfied an advised specialist that I assumed might aid. After a number of examinations, I had surgical procedure for back constriction. It was not successful. That surgical procedure triggered even more discomfort than I had actually ever before really felt up till after that. It was just due to the fact that they offered me morphine that I made it through it.


With the discomfort back to pre-surgery degrees, I returned to function. As the discomfort remained to enhance, my work efficiency remained to reduce. At some point, I was terminated. It was after that I took place handicap.

All by Myself

For many years I lost out on a great deal of points the majority of people consider approved. I lost on lots of household events, holidays, and also going out and also delighting in life. As an instance, my household headed out on a day of Xmas purchasing, without me. After a huge household supper, there was typical after-dinner table talk. I remained in the living-room, level on my back. Among my grand sons asked me why I got on the couch. Why I really did not like being with everyone else?

What the Surgeons Said

In around 2010, I was privileged to call a kept in mind neurosurgeon. He, consequently, spoke to a fellow neurosurgeon as well as likewise a professional in back surgical procedure. After a number of examinations, the medical diagnosis was definitive. I have extreme back osteo arthritis in the reduced animal of my back. In a conference with all 3 medical professionals, they claimed my joint inflammation was as well comprehensive and also surgical procedure was not a choice. It was as well dangerous and also would just make my discomfort much more extreme with the opportunity of hindering my capacity to stroll. I asked, factor space, concerning my boosting neck and back pain and also they claimed I would certainly “need to deal with it”. Not happy to “deal with it”, I began searching for a discomfort monitoring physician.

The Discomfort Physician

A loved one referred me to a discomfort monitoring physician and also I’ve been with him for thirteen years. His first attempts were mild prescription pain medications. But as the pain increased his treatment became more and more aggressive and invasive. I was given stronger medications. Then shots into my spine and electronic nerve interruption implants. Each treatment had limited success. With all else failing, he put me on Fentanyl patches. They worked better at pain control over the other treatments. As time passed and my level of pain increased, so did the strength of Fentanyl until I was at the maximum dosage. (I have actually been hospitalized three times for breakthrough pain. They were sudden attacks of uncontrollable pain that only being in a hospital could fix.) Since continued use of Fentanyl could have been life-threatening, I was sent to a rehab hospital to quit Fentanyl cold turkey. As a final option, my doctor implanted a pump in my back. It delivers a constant amount of morphine 24/7. While I have to get it refilled every three months, it is a minor inconvenience. There is now more control over my pain than I’ve ever had. But while my pain was being treated, my osteoarthritis continues to grow.


My Mobility

The distance I can walk has kept getting shorter and shorter. My ability to stand up straight has diminished too. I’m constantly and permanently bent over. I have lost a big part of my mobility and my independence. That is where the need for a Mobility Service Dog comes in.

A Golden Retriever’s Training

In our married life, we’ve had twelve AKC golden retrievers. Our last one, Tess, came from a professional breeder. As with all goldens we have owned, it was love at initial site. I started training Tess the basics as soon as we got home. Then she was off to a professional training school. After that, I went to school, twice, for eight weekends, over three months. That school teaches owners how to train their dogs. This is where I trained Tess in more formal commands. I taught her the commands required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. In the eyes of the government, a Service Dog is as important as a wheelchair or any other piece of medical equipment.

How a Service Dog Helped Me

After that, she learned the specific commands she needed to help me. For example, a couple of years ago I had a prostatectomy. With my back issues and without a prostate, urination was and is an ongoing problem. Going from a lying down or sitting position to a standing position takes a lot of extra time and effort. I taught Tess to sit in front of me. She would then put her paws out in front of her. I could grab her harness and pull myself up in time to get to the bathroom. I also taught her to get items I would point to whether at home or out in public. Another example, since I am incapable of touching the floor, is that Tess picked up a credit card I had dropped. These tasks, and others, are ones I still, and will always need. I need a service dog so I can regain the independence I lost with her death. She also was a big help when it came to bouts of clinical depression.

Being A Pilot

With the changes in my lower back, I no longer can do what I once could do. I’m a pilot. My lifetime’s passion has been flying. I use to get paid for flying. But, I can no longer climb into the cockpit of an airplane. And, there has been a constant strain on my marriage. (I thank God for the wife I have and her love and understanding.) All these add up. In that regard, Tess was also an Emotional Support Dog.

Clinical Depression

Tess could read my moods, lay on or next to me, and not let me out of her sight. It was her ability, which most golden retrievers have, to be empathic and understanding that was so valuable to me. She was also the emotional support I needed. It seemed that she could understand my agony more than people could. It is part of a golden’s temperament that makes them such wonderful support dogs. Having her as a service dog was as life-changing as finding the right discomfort doctor. Both were instrumental in unlocking a lot of the independence I had lost.

What I Need

I need funds for getting a golden retriever puppy, vet bills, training, and also miscellaneous items for the first year so she can become my new Movement Solution Pet.

Thank You

While “thank you” can sometimes seem like a hollow gesture, in my case, it is deeply felt. For all that help me in any way possible, I hope whenever they see a gold retriever, it will certainly bring a smile.

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