Uncover 6 Canine Breeds That Can Climb Timber!

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Most of us don’t often consider canine as having the ability to climb timber — that talent belongs to animals like squirrels and cats. Canine have been bred to chase animals into timber fairly than scale them. Plus, most canine merely wouldn’t have the limber our bodies required for agile acrobatics as cats do. However do you know that there are a couple of particular canine breeds that may climb timber? And so they don’t simply leap up on a tree — these six canine breeds really climb up timber and branches! 

1. Catahoula Leopard Canine

Catahoula leopard canine can climb timber in pursuit of prey.

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The Catahoula leopard canine breed originated in Louisiana and is known as after a Choctaw phrase which means “sacred lake.” They’re stunning canine that are available a variety of colours and distinctive patterns, with short-haired coats, lengthy our bodies, and even webbed toes! These stunning canine are each highly effective and agile. 

Along with being wonderful swimmers, trackers, hunters, and herders, Catahoula leopard canine are additionally one of many few canine breeds that may climb timber in pursuit of prey! These canine have been initially bred for looking wild boars within the forests of Louisiana. At present they nonetheless really feel proper at residence surrounded by timber. They’re very pushed and love an excellent problem, so not even a big tree can stand of their method. As well as, Catahoula leopard canine are extraordinarily energetic and inquisitive. Many excited canine have been recognized to leap over 6-foot tall fences along with climbing timber.

2. Treeing Walker Coonhound

A Treeing Walker Coonhound dog outdoors.
A Treeing Walker Coonhound canine is bred to hunt and observe animals even up a tree.

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As a wonderful looking canine, the treeing Walker coonhound was bred to hunt and “tree” raccoons. Which means that they observe down the animal and attempt to entice it in a tree. As soon as the animal is successfully “treed”, the canine releases a particular howl that lets human hunters know the place they’re. Along with raccoons, treeing Walker coonhounds are additionally expert at looking and treeing cougars, bobcats, and different massive predators. 

Treeing Walker coonhounds are high-energy canine with highly effective hindquarters and really lengthy legs that permit them to hurry by the forest with their streamlined our bodies. They will run quick and much with out exerting an excessive amount of effort, which makes it simple for them to climb up timber to catch their quarry.

3. Jack Russell Terrier

Dog, Jumping, Playing, Playful, Toy
The small Jack Russell terrier is a canine that may climb timber in pursuit of prey or just due to pleasure.


In contrast to a few of the different canine breeds that may climb timber, the Jack Russell terrier is a a lot smaller canine that solely weighs 9 to fifteen kilos on common. With its cute face and small dimension, this canine could have an innocent-looking look, however don’t let that idiot you. Jack Russells are a few of the most full of life and feisty canine you’ll ever meet! This breed comes from England the place the canine have been bred for foxhunts, making use of their small however highly effective our bodies. These canine are full of life, desperate to work and have a seemingly infinite provide of power. They’re extraordinarily clever and inquisitive, with “big-dog” ranges of confidence packed into their small compact our bodies.  

Though a lot smaller than a few of the different tree-climbing breeds, a Jack Russell terrier can simply sustain with the most effective of them, sprinting up timber with unmatched ease. These canine could scale a tree in pursuit of prey, or just simply because they’re excited! They’re sparky little pups with an adventurous nature however are additionally loyal companions who love their homeowners unconditionally. 

4. New Guinea Singing Canine

Rare breeds of dogs - New Guinea Singing Dog
This distinctive canine breed is a uncommon breed that may additionally climb timber.

©Tara Lynn and Co/Shutterstock.com

Now, this subsequent breed of canine is perhaps a bit unfamiliar to most people. Though they’re sometimes captive-bred as companion canine, New Guinea singing canine are largely wild canine from the island of New Guinea. These stunning wild canine have fox-like faces with highly effective golden-red or black-and-tan our bodies. These distinctive wild canine have shorter legs than you would possibly count on for a tree-climbing breed. Nonetheless, their backbone and really versatile limbs permit them to scale timber with no second thought. Their limbs are very distinctive and so they can unfold their legs sideways and even rotate each units of legs! This makes tree climbing so simple as life on the bottom. 

Like their identify, New Guinea singing canine have stunning melodic voices with extremely distinctive sounds. Their howls go up and down in tone, much like yodeling. Nonetheless, every canine has its personal distinctive and particular person voice and pitch. So, once they be a part of collectively in a refrain they create a really distinctive music.

5. Belgian Malinois 

Belgian Malinois
The Belgian Malinois has unbelievable reflexes and may climb timber regardless of its bigger dimension.


The Belgian Malinois is a flexible and hard-working herding canine breed that originated in Belgium. These canine are very lively and protecting — in truth, a number of Belgian Malinois canine at present work as safety element on the U.S. White Home! These canine are extremely robust and highly effective for his or her dimension and have wonderful lightning-fast reflexes. 

Though they’ve very muscular legs, Belgium Malinois canine have agile and lithe our bodies that aren’t weighed down by an excessive amount of bulk. These unbelievable canine can leap greater than 8 toes into the air and have been recognized to scale up all types of constructions. With these highly effective legs, a Belgium Malinois can simply climb up tall timber and even the aspect of a home with out breaking a sweat! 

6. Honorable Point out: Chihuahua

Deer head chihuahua
Chihuahuas like to run, play, and scale buildings and timber.

©Toro_The_Bull – Arturelia/Shutterstock.com

The traditional ancestors of the Chihuahua are mentioned to have generally climbed timber and scaled vertical hills with spectacular agility. At present many people image little Chihuahuas as “purse canine” that favor to spend their time snuggled up of their homeowners’ laps. Nonetheless, these pups nonetheless like to run and play.

The truth is, one fairly particular Chihuahua named Daisy loves climbing timber! The truth is, Daisy’s homeowners posted an indication on the timber close to their home to let folks know that their feisty little Chihuahua will not be caught — she simply actually likes climbing timber. 

Wild Canine That Can Climb Timber

Along with the canine breeds listed above, there are a couple of extra wild members of the Canidae household that generally climb timber. Sometimes, canids don’t climb timber, however there are three distinctive exceptions within the wild: dholes, raccoon canine, and grey foxes.


Wild Dog Breeds: Dhole
The dhole is a wild canine breed that’s recognized for climbing timber.

©Nimit Virdi/Shutterstock.com

Native to varied areas of Asia, dholes (Cuon alpinus) go by many various names. They’re referred to as Asiatic wild canine, whistling canine, mountain wolves, purple canine, and Indian wild canine, simply to call a couple of. These distinctive canine are associated to different canids however have spherical skulls with totally different molars. Though their purple fur, tall ears, and lengthy luscious tails give these canine a fairly foxlike look, they’re extra carefully associated to wolves and canine. 

Dholes are concerning the dimension of a German shepherd canine however have lengthy legs and are extraordinarily expert jumpers. They’re extremely athletic and may run, swim, leap, and climb timber with ease. The truth is, dholes are so versatile and balanced, they’ll even urinate whereas doing a handstand! Sadly, these wonderful canine are additionally endangered with solely round two thousand adults left within the wild. 

Raccoon Canine

Fat raccoon dog in grassland
Raccoon canine are an uncommon canine breed, however they’re associated to canine, wolves, and foxes. They will additionally climb timber.

©Miroslav Hlavko/Shutterstock.com

Technically a raccoon canine will not be a raccoon, and it’s probably not a home canine breed both — however it’s a part of the Canidae household, similar to canine, wolves, and foxes. Raccoon canine have faces that look rather a lot like a raccoon and furry our bodies that appear like foxes. They’re fairly uncommon canids as a result of they hibernate throughout chilly winters, have curved claws, and generally climb timber! There are two species of raccoon canine. The widespread raccoon canine (Nyctereutes procyonoides) in Japanese Asia, and the tanuki or Japanese raccoon canine (Nyctereutes viverrinus) in Japan. 

Grey Fox

Mysterious Gray Animals - Gray Fox
Grey foxes are expert at climbing up timber however have issue coming again down.


With hooked claws that resemble these of cats, grey foxes (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) can navigate every kind of terrain and rapidly climb up timber. The truth is, grey foxes usually reside excessive up within the hollows of timber, removed from the attain of non-climbing canids like coyotes and wolves. What units them other than different fox species is that grey foxes have developed particular rotating wrists and semi-retractable claws that assist them to securely ascend up tall timber. Nonetheless, this generally is a fairly dangerous endeavor for a grey fox. Whereas they’re very expert at climbing up timber, they’ve rather more hassle climbing again down.

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